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U.S. Department of State
97/01/13 Statement: Visit of Carey Cavanaugh to Cyprus
Office of the Spokesman

Press Statement by Nicholas Burns/Spokesman
January 13, 1997

                   Visit of Carey Cavanaugh to Cyprus 

State Department Representative Carey Cavanaugh met today with the 
leaders of the two Cypriot sides.  These meetings were very useful and 
positive.  Mr. Cavanaugh made clear the U.S. view that the recent 
decision by the Cyprus government to acquire Russian missiles in the 
future was a mistake and that we will remain opposed to this action.  
Similarly, he stressed that no aggressive action by Turkey in response 
to this decision could be justified or accepted.  

In his meeting with President Clerides, Mr. Cavanaugh was able to obtain 
concrete assurances that no component of the SA-10 surface-to-air 
missile system will be delivered to the island in the next sixteen 
months.  This effectively diffuses the crisis atmosphere over the 
missiles in Cyprus, providing time to resolve this issue.  

Mr. Cavanaugh also discussed with President Clerides and Mr. Denktash 
additional steps to reduce the risk of incidents along the ceasefire 
lines.  Both leaders agreed to give their full support to immediate 
implementation of the package of measures proposed by the United Nations 
-- this includes further unmanning positions, unloading of weapons and 
adoption of a code of conduct which makes clear that force can only be 
used in life threatening situations.  UNFICYP representatives will 
engage both parties on this package later this week.  

An additional item raised during Mr. Cavanaugh's visit was the U.S.-
sponsored moratorium of the flight of Greek and Turkish combat aircraft 
over Cyprus.  Discussions on this question will continue when Mr. 
Cavanaugh visits Athens and Ankara later this week.  Mr. Cavanaugh 
assured both Cypriot communities that the U.S. was committed to 
remaining engaged on Cyprus in support of a just and durable solution to 
the Cyprus problem.
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