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U.S. Department of State
97/01/09 Statement: Central African Republic: Resolving the Conflict
Office of the Spokesman

Press Statement by Nicholas Burns/Spokesman
January 9, 1997

Central African Republic:  Resolving the Conflict

The United States is concerned about the situation in the Central 
African Republic, and strongly supports a speedy resolution to the 
conflict between government and rebel factions.  We call on all parties 
to respect the rule of law and the democratic process.  The United 
States applauds the efforts of those Central Africans who are working to 
find a peaceful solution to their political differences and the 
important role being played by former Malian president Traore.  We urge 
all parties to respect the cease-fire negotiated by African heads of 

The United States notes that there have been numerous casualties during 
these weeks of conflict, most recently this past weekend in an 
unprovoked attack on cease-fire monitors which resulted in the death of 
two French soldiers and a number of Central Africans, including civilian 
bystanders.  We express sympathy to the families of the dead.

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