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97/01/03 Statement: OSCE Meeting in Special Session on Serbian Crisis
Office of the Spokesman

Press Statement by Nicholas Burns/Spokesman
January 3, 1997

            OSCE Meeting in Special Session on Serbian Crisis

The OSCE Permanent Council met today in special session to consider the 
current political crisis in Serbia and the report prepared by former 
Spanish Prime Minister Gonzalez as Special Representative of the OSCE 
Chairman-in-Office.  There was widespread recognition by the OSCE 
participating states that this crisis can only be resolved through 
prompt action by the government in Belgrade to implement the 
recommendations of former PM Gonzalez.  His report urged the „FRYš to 
take steps toward democratization, specifically, to respect and abide by 
the results of the November 17 elections.

The United States fully supports the OSCE Chairman-in-Office‚s 
endorsement of the Gonzalez report‚s recommendations and today‚s renewed 
call on Belgrade by the OSCE to implement them as soon as possible.  To 
that end, we repeat our call for the „FRYš to restore the November 17 
election results without delay.  The letter that „FRYš Foreign Minister 
Milutinovic sent the OSCE Chairman this morning failed to address the 
Gonzalez recommendations in a meaningful way and is insufficient.  We 
look to the Belgrade authorities to take positive action now.

Over the coming days, we will be working closely with our European 
allies and partners to ensure that the OSCE remains actively engaged in 
encouraging democratization, including a free media, independent 
judiciary, and improvements in the electoral system within Serbia.
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