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U.S. Department of State
97/01/03 Public Announcement: Letter Bombs
Office of the Spokesman

Public Announcement
January 3, 1997

                               Letter Bombs

On January 2, 1997, the U.S. offices of Cairo‚s Al-Hayat Newspaper, 
located in Washington, D.C., received four letter bombs in the U.S. 
mail.  All items were postmarked from Alexandria, Egypt.  The bombs were 
safely removed and disabled by local police explosives officers after 
newspaper employees grew suspicious of the letters.  An undelivered 
letter bomb, also addressed to Al-Hayat was discovered at a local post 
office.  Two other devices were delivered to the Fort Leavenworth 
correctional facility and were also removed and disabled.

The letters were sent in plain white envelopes with computer generated 
addresses and contained no return address.

The Department of State has no information that there is an increased 
threat to Americans, or U.S. facilities overseas.  We recommend however, 
that American citizens traveling or residing abroad pay close attention 
to their personal security practices.  In addition, they should be wary 
of unexpected packages.  American citizens are requested to report any 
suspicious mail to the local authorities as well as to the nearest U.S. 
embassy or consulate.

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