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U.S. Department of State
96/12/23 Statement: Establishment of the Middle East Desalination 
Research Center
Office of the Spokesman

Press Statement by Glyn Davies/Acting Spokesman
December 23, 1996

    Establishment of the Middle East Desalination Research Center

On December 22, the United States joined with the Sultanate of Oman, 
Israel, Japan, and the Republic of Korea in signing an international 
agreement to establish the Middle East Desalination Research Center.  
The Center, which arose out of discussions in the Multilateral Working 
Group on Water Resources of the Middle East peace process, is being 
established for the benefit of all people in the Middle East.

The five signatories to the agreement plus the European Union have 
committed a total of $16.1 million to fund the CenterÔs start-up and 
first several years of operations.  The CenterÔs Executive Council, 
which held its first meeting immediately after the conclusion of the 
establishment agreement, has begun developing the CenterÔs programs, 
which will focus on a range of research and training activities to help 
experts in the region better utilize desalination and related 

All regional parties can take pride in their association with the 
development of the Center since its inception in 1994 and the Working 
Group on Water Resources.  The Middle East Desalination Center 
represents one of the strongest manifestations of the concrete benefits 
to the region from the multilateral track of the peace process.
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