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U.S. Department of State
96/12/18 Public Announcement: Peru
Office of the Spokesman

Public Announcement Released by the Office of the Spokesman: Peru
December 18, 1996

                     Public Announcement: Peru

There is an ongoing hostage situation at the residence of the Japanese 
ambassador in Lima, Peru.  On December 17, Movimiento Revolucionario 
Tupac Amaru (MRTA) took hostage hundreds of people attending a reception 
at the residence.  An undetermined number of hostages remain inside the 
residence.  Travelers in Peru are advised that this situation will 
likely result in increased security vigilance by the Government of Peru.  
The area of the Japanese residence in San Isidro is cordoned off by 
security forces.  This area in San Isidro, bounded by the streets 
Salaverry, Cesar Vallejo, Prescott and Dos de Mayo, and the area of the 
Navy Headquarters, should be avoided.  Americans in Peru should take 
normal security precautions.  For further information on travel to Peru, 
consult the Departmentās latest Consular Information Sheet for Peru.  
American residents in Lima may obtain updated information on travel and 
security and may register with the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy.  
The U.S. Embassy is open for these services Monday through Friday, 8 am 
to noon.  The telephone number is 434-3000.  Department of State travel 
information and publications are available at internet address:  U.S. travelers may hear recorded information 
by calling the Department in Washington, D.C. at 202-647-5225 from their 
touch-tone telephone, or receive information by automated telefax by 
dialing 202-647-3000 from their fax machine.
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