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U.S. Department of State 
96/11/13 Statement: Travel to Latin America by Mack McLarty 
Office of the Spokesman 
Press Statement by Glyn Davies/Acting Spokesman 
November 13, 1996 
                  Travel to Latin America by Mack McLarty  
Counselor to the President and Special Representative of the President 
and Secretary of State for the Summit of the Americas, Thomas F. (Mack) 
McLarty, will travel to Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay November 16-23.  
His visit is intended to demonstrate President Clinton's strong support 
for advancing the Summit of the Americas agenda and other U.S. goals in 
Latin America. 
During his trip Counselor McLarty will discuss bilateral and regional 
issues with the presidents and senior officials of these three 
countries.  He will also offer them an outline of President Clinton's 
second term agenda for the hemisphere. 
Mr. McLarty plans two major speeches on the Administration's policy 
priorities in the hemisphere during the trip: the first on November 18 
at the Business Future of the Americas conference in Sao Paulo; and the 
second on November 20 at a luncheon hosted by the American-Argentina 
Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires. 
In addition, Counselor McLarty will continue his ongoing conversations 
on development of the agenda for the next Summit of the Americas in 
Santiago, Chile, in early 1998. 
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