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U.S. Department of State 
96/11/12 Statement: U.S.-Mexico Sign Telecommunications Protocol 
Office of the Spokesman 
Press Statement by Glyn Davies/Acting Spokesman 
November 12, 1996 
               U.S.-Mexico Sign Telecommunications Protocol 
On November 8, 1996, Ambassador Vonya B. McCann, U.S. Coordinator for 
International Communications and Information Policy, and Reed Hundt, 
Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, signed on behalf of 
the United States Government a protocol with the Government of Mexico 
that will expand opportunities for the consumers of both countries to 
receive video programming using the latest satellite technologies. 
This "Protocol Concerning the Transmission and Reception of Signals from 
Satellites for the Provision of Direct-to-Home Satellite Services in the 
United States and the United Mexican States" establishes the conditions 
and technical criteria for the use of satellites licensed by the United 
States and Mexico for the purposes of delivering video services to, 
from, and within the territories of both countries.   
The negotiations that led to this important arrangement were done 
pursuant to an April 1996 bilateral satellite services agreement. 
In reaching this historic agreement, Ambassador McCann stated that "this 
Protocol will expand market opportunities for satellite and video 
program providers on both sides of the border.  By minimizing 
restrictions on program content, this Protocol also sets an important 
precedent for the provision of video services around the world.  The 
United States looks forward to working with other countries to conclude 
similar Direct-to-Home (DTH) agreements which will expand trade, create 
new job opportunities, and facilitate international communications." 
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