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U.S. Department of State 
96/11/12 Statement: U.S. Concludes Civil Aviation Agreement With Jordan 
Office of the Spokesman 
Press Statement by Glyn Davies/Acting Spokesman 
November 12, 1996 
             U.S. Concludes Civil Aviation Agreement With Jordan 
On November 10, 1996, the United States and Jordan concluded a civil 
aviation agreement that will fully liberalize air traffic between our 
two countries.  This Open Skies agreement, signed in Jordan by U.S. 
Ambassador Wesley Egan and the Jordanian Minister of Transportation, 
Nasir al-Lawzi, advances U.S. international aviation interests and 
further strengthens the close and friendly relations between our two 
countries.  It is the first Open Skies accord in the Middle East Region 
and the first with an aviation partner outside of Europe.  By signing 
this agreement, Jordan demonstrates its commitment to economic 
liberalization and its forward-leaning economic vision.  We hope this 
agreement will be a precursor of other Open Skies agreements in the 
Middle East and elsewhere. 
Both the U.S. and Jordan will benefit from this agreement, which has 
been enthusiastically endorsed by U.S. airlines, trade associations, and 
airports. A major U.S. carrier already has plans to serve Jordan via 
code share arrangements with its European partner made possible by this 
agreement.  Other airlines may follow suit. This should result in more 
frequent and better scheduled service between our two countries.  
Jordan should benefit from increased business activity, including 
tourism and foreign investment, as visitors take advantage of the 
increased travel opportunities to visit Jordan. 
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