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U.S. Department of State 
96/11/06 Statement: Secretary's Upcoming Travel to Cairo and Paris 
Office of the Spokesman 
Press Statement by Nicholas Burns/Spokesman 
November 6, 1996 
        Secretary Christopher's Upcoming Travel to Cairo and Paris 
Secretary Christopher will travel to Cairo, Egypt, to lead the U.S.  
delegation to the Cairo Economic Conference, which will take place on  
November 12-14.  Similar high-level meetings took place in Casablanca in  
1994 and in Amman in 1995.  The Cairo Conference is an important  
opportunity to promote the peace process and regional economic  
cooperation and development.  Many governments and more than 1000  
business representatives will participate, including more than 200 from  
the U.S. 
The Secretary will then proceed to Paris on November 14 for a  
Ministerial-level Steering Board meeting of the Bosnian Peace  
Implementation Council.  Foreign Ministers from the Contact Group  
countries and other nations involved in the reconstruction effort in  
Bosnia will attend.  At the meeting, there will be a discussion of broad  
guidelines for the engagement of the international community in  
rebuilding Bosnia over the next two years. 
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