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U.S. Department of State  
96/09/30 Statement: First Meeting of Bosnian Presidency   
Office of the Spokesman  
Press Statement by Nicholas Burns/Spokesman   
September 30, 1996   
                   First Meeting of Bosnian Presidency  
The newly-elected Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina held its first   
meeting today.  The session took place in Sarajevo and was attended by   
the three Presidency members chosen in the September 14 election, the   
results of which were certified by the OSCE mission to Bosnia and   
Herzegovina yesterday: Alija Izetbegovic, Momcilo Krajisnik, and   
Kresimir Zubak.  U.S. officials worked closely with the High   
Representative and our Contact Group partners in support of this   
meeting, which represents the beginning of regular Presidency sessions,   
the next of which is planned within the next several days.   
The United States welcomes this important action in building the joint   
institutions which have come into being as a result of the recent   
elections.  Today's meeting of the Presidency is the critical first step   
in a process which will involve the convening of parliament and the   
creation of the Council of Ministers and other joint government   
We congratulate the members of the Presidency on the occasion of that   
body's first meeting, and we congratulate the people of Bosnia on this   
historic step on the road to reconciliation and consolidation of peace.    
We will continue to work closely with the parties to ensure rapid   
progress on the building of new institutions and to maintain forward   
movement in all aspects of peace implementation.     
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