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U.S. Department Of State
96/09/18 Statement:  Passport Applications On The Internet
Office of the Spokesman

Press Statement By Nicholas Burns, Spokesman
September 18, 1996

              Passport Applications On The Internet

As of today, passport applications are available on the
Consular Affairs' home page on the World Wide Web.  People with
access to the Internet who would like to apply for their first
passport, or who wish to renew their current passport, can now
print out the appropriate application via their personal
computer and a laser printer.  In addition, the forms to report
a lost or stolen passport or to amend a current passport can be
downloaded from our site.  These applications will be accepted
at all regional passport agencies and passport acceptance

The Consular Affairs' home page has been rated one of the top
10 government sites on the World Wide Web, for which we are
very proud.  We receive on average 10,000 'hits' at this site
each day, and on Monday, September 16, we received 23,698
'hits' as Microsoft Network's "Pick of the Day."  As one of the
Reinvention Laboratories in the Vice President's National
Performance Review, the Bureau of Consular Affairs has spent a
great deal of time making their services more widely accessible
to the public.  Also available on this site is travel
information, including Consular Information Sheets, Public
Announcements, and Travel Warnings, information on
international adoptions, and international judicial assistance,
to name but a few resources.

Now is the ideal time to apply for a passport during the
slower fall and winter months.  We would like to encourage
those who have access to the Internet and who need a passport
or who are planning travel overseas to make use of this
service.  Our Internet address is:
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