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U.S. Department Of State
96/09/13 Statement: Foreign Service Officers Sworn In
Office of the Spokesman

Press Statement By Nicholas Burns, Spokesman
September 13, 1996 

...........New Class Of Foreign Service Officers Sworn In 

Today at noon in the Benjamin Franklin Room on the Eighth
Floor of the Department of State 36 new Officers were sworn in
to the Foreign Service.  Under Secretary Tim Wirth presided over
the ceremony in which the class took the oath of office to
"uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States."

This newest group of diplomats ranges in age from 23 to 55,
with an average age of 32.

They are 21 men and 15 women, from 16 states and five foreign

Among them, they hold 29 advanced degrees and are proficient
in 20 languages.

This is a very diverse and talented group of people, and I
want to welcome them to the State Department. 
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