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U.S. Department Of State
96/09/12 Statement: The Situation in Iraq
Office of the Spokesman

Press Statement By Glyn Davies, Acting Spokesman
September 12, 1996

                     THE SITUATION IN IRAQ

The Secretary today met with the Ambassadors of our Gulf
Cooperation Council friends to discuss a number of current
issues.  Discussion focused on the situation in Iraq and the
continuing threat the Saddam Hussein regime poses to regional
peace and security.  The statements emanating from Baghdad this
morning, with direct threats against Kuwait, illustrate what is
at stake for the coalition of countries that confronts Saddam. 
This is a regime that has miscalculated in the past and risks
repeating this error.

Our actions of the past week should make clear our purpose:  Iraq
will pay a price for its threats to regional peace and
security.  The international community must continue to
demonstrate, as it has since August 1990, its firm resolve and
determination to see all UN Security Council resolutions
enforced.  The United States expresses its commitment to the
security of our friends in the Gulf and, in view of Iraqi
statements, repeats that commitment specifically with reference
to Kuwait.
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