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U.S. Department of State
96/08/23 Statement: Albania Participation in Democratic Processes
Office of the Spokesman

Press Statement by Glyn Davies/Acting Spokesman
August 23, 1996

              Albania--Participation in Democratic Processes

The United States government calls for broadening the political dialogue 
between ruling and opposition parties in Albania as the first step 
toward holding free and fair local elections, adopting a new 
constitution, and holding new parliamentary elections at the earliest 

The United States believes the ruling Democratic Party needs to do more 
to reach out to opposition parties, offering them a real substantive 
role in preparing for local elections, in the Election Commission, and 
in drafting and adopting a new constitution.  We recommend an inclusive 
formula for participation in future roundtable discussions.  We call 
upon the opposition parties to participate fully in this election 
process and in efforts to strengthen Albania's democratic institutions.
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