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U.S. Department of State
96/10/13 Remarks at Victoria Mxinge House Project, South Africa
Office of the Spokesman

                        U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE
                         Office of the Spokesman

                        (Cape Town, South Africa)

 For Immediate Release                            October 13, 1996

                                REMARKS BY
                           GUGULETHU TOWNSHIP

                         Cape Town, South Africa
                            October 13, 1996

SECRETARY CHRISTOPHER:   Mr. Minister, Madame Minister. Patricia: 
Congratulations.  Thank you very much for that very warm welcome and 
thank you for sharing part of your Sunday morning with me.  I want to 
thank the Deputy Minister for translating for me.  I want to tell her 
that if I talk too long, you can just go ahead and shorten it up! 

I want to thank Ms. Mbeki for showing me through her house.  It was 
really a thrill to see it and It was interesting to see how well she had 
it decorated.  

I know democracy really begins in communities like this and so when I 
get here this morning I feel like I am really visiting the new South 
Africa.  In the old days, under apartheid, the people of this community 
had almost no chance to have their own homes and no access to water and 
electricity.  The problems you are facing today are left over from the 
old times; they are a legacy of the old times, but you are overcoming 
them.  You are really an inspiring example of the new South Africa.  

Our USAID program is trying to be helpful and we are helping to provide 
loans so people can build their own homes.  I have been able to see with 
my own eyes what you ladies are building with your own hands, brick by 
brick, the houses you are living in and that is wonderful.   Brick by 
brick the people of this community are helping to build a South Africa 
that can finally meet the needs of all its people.

I had the honor and inspiration to spend time, yesterday morning, with 
President Mandela and I know that the goal he is seeking for this 
country is the kind of goal you are seeking here in this community -- 
homes of your own and a community of your own.

I am very proud to be here, representing President Clinton and speaking 
for the American people.  The American people are proud to stand with 
the people of South Africa and we are proud to stand with you as you 
take your own destiny in your hands, brick by brick.  Before I leave I 
want to make sure that you know our American Ambassador here, Ambassador 
James Joseph, who has not been introduced before, but he is right here 
and he is America's representative to South Africa.

Thank you again for letting me come here today and thank you too for 
that wonderful singing and dancing.  I have had a good time here this 

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