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U.S. Department of State
96/10/12 Remarks with Deputy President Mbeki, South Africa
Office of the Spokesman

                        U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE
                        Office of the Spokesman

                       (Cape Town, South Africa)

For Immediate Release                           October 12, 1996


                       Cape Town, South Africa
                           October 12, 1996

DEPUTY PRESIDENT MBEKI:  We are very glad to have the Secretary of State 
visit us in South Africa, but also generally to pay a visit to the 
African continent.  We think it is important that the United States 
should continue to pay attention to the continent.  I think all of us 
know what the challenges are that we face.  

One of the matters that we discussed with the Secretary, of course, was 
the proposal to increase the capacity of the African continent to be 
able to respond to various crises, humanitarian and other; the idea of a 
crisis force that would be able to be deployed quickly to deal with 
various matters such as Burundi and so on.  Clearly, this is a matter 
that we as South Africa would have to discuss with the region of 
southern Africa, with the SADC, and in the present context, of course, 
brought up with the OAU.  So, the matter will be pursued, that 
discussion will take place.  

We then discussed other matters like Burundi, where the United States 
and ourselves and countries in the region are working together to try 
and move that country as quickly as possible to a kind of stable 
permanent solution to that particular crisis.  

We've talked briefly about the situation in the Middle East and, indeed, 
look forward to the United States contributing, as it has been, to make 
sure that that particular process stays on course. As far as our own 
bilateral relations are concerned, I don't think there is a major 

SECRETARY CHRISTOPHER:  They are excellent, aren't they?

DEPUTY PRESIDENT MBEKI:  I should hope so.

SECRETARY CHRISTOPHER:  Thank you , Deputy President.  Let me just say 
that I enjoyed another excellent conversation with the Deputy President.  
We talked some about the commission that he heads with Vice President 
Gore, the Binational Commission, and how valuable it has been to both of 
our nations and how much we want to continue to work in that context to 
the advantage to both of our nations.  

I emphasized to the Deputy President our concern not only for South 
Africa, but for the continent as a whole as reflected by the trip I am 
taking out here. This is an indication of President Clinton is and Vice 
President Gore's strong determination to continue to have an important 
engagement with Africa.  Thank you Deputy President very much for 
receiving me now on a pleasant Saturday morning.

DEPUTY PRESIDENT MBEKI: On a rainy Saturday morning in Cape Town.  Well, 
thank you very much.  The Secretary is going back to the U.S. Embassy 
and have a ceremony there to extend some assistance to the Truth 
Commission.  Archbishop Tutu will be there.  And then  the Secretary 
goes to Johannesburg and then Angola.
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