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U.S. Department of State
96/07/23 Pre-meeting Remarks on Indonesian Human Rights Commission
Office of the Spokesman

                          U.S. Department of State 
                           Office of the Spokesman 
                            (Jakarta, Indonesia) 
For Immediate Release                                 July 23, 1996 
                    PRIOR TO MEETING WITH MEMBERS OF  
                           Jakarta, Indonesia 
                             July 23, 1996 
It's a very great pleasure for me to meet here again with the Indonesian 
Human Rights Commission. Two years ago, the late Ron Brown, then 
Secretary of Commerce, and I met with them and it was with great 
expectation that I see them again. Since that time, the Commission has 
played an extremely important role in Indonesia society, investigating 
human rights abuses and promoting accountability for those that are 
responsible. I'm very pleased to note the record of achievement that 
they've made in the two years since I last met with them, and I look 
forward to meeting with them again today to hear them indicate to me the 
problem they've faced and the progress they've made. 
Since we were here last time, as you know, the Commission has opened an 
office in East Timor, an area of special concern to the United States 
and the entire international community. I think it's clear that this 
Commission -- their very steady and discreet and careful way of 
proceeding, an honorable way proceeding -- they have raised human rights 
issues within the Indonesian government and with the people of 
Our main purpose today, as I've said, is to listen to them, to hear from 
their assessment of the state of human rights in Indonesia. The United 
States has deep interest in trying to encourage theiritical 
that they continue to be able to do so. 
[To Commission:] 
I very much appreciate the opportunity to meet with you; I only wish it 
could be longer, but I have found all the time in my schedule that I 
can. Thank you so much for joining me here today and I look forward to a 
very good discussion. Thank you so much. 
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