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U.S. Department of State
96/07/04 Statement on Russian Presidential Election
Office of the Spokesman

                      U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 
                       Office of the Spokesman 

For Immediate Release                                   July 4, l996 
I want to join President Clinton in congratulating President Yeltsin on 
his victory in Russia's presidential election and for his sustained 
commitment to the democratic process.  Let me also congratulate the 
Russian people, who have shown the world again that they are determined 
to exercise their right to shape their future.  The election sets an 
important precedent for a future in which choices are always made 
peacefully and openly at the ballot box.   
The United States will continue to stand with the Russian people in 
their pursuit of democratic change and free market reform.  Together, we 
now have the opportunity to advance the considerable progress we have 
already made with President Yeltsin's government, including on arms 
control and non-proliferation, the fight against international crime and 
terrorism, our common efforts in Bosnia and the Middle East, and 
Russia's integration into the global economy. 
Of course, the road ahead will have many difficult challenges.  But the 
election is an important milestone.  The progress of democracy in Russia 
and our engagement with that country has made America safer and opened 
vast opportunities for our nation, for Russia, and the world.  President 
Clinton's consistent approach has advanced America's fundamental 
security interests, promoted freedom and security in Europe, and it 
deserves bipartisan support in the months ahead. 
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