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U.S. Department of State
96/06/26 Statement in Jerusalem re Bombing in Saudi Arabia
Office of the Spokesman

                        U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 
                        Office of the Spokesman 
For Immediate Release                                June 26, 1996 
                       Laromme Hotel, Jerusalem 
                            June 26, 1996  
SECRETARY CHRISTOPHER:  Good morning, I have just been in touch with our 
Charge in Saudi Arabia, Ted Kattouf.  I have also talked a few minutes 
ago to Prince Saud, the Foreign Minister in Saudi Arabia.  Obviously, 
it's a tragic, terrible situation.  There are many dead, many wounded, 
many missing, among them many Americans.  There is no exact count at the 
present time, so I ask you not to press me for that.  I join President 
Clinton in condemning this act of terror.  We will not rest until these 
terrorists are brought to justice.  They must know that they cannot 
succeed in this terrorism:  That we will hunt them down and find them 
and we will not be deterred from taking the action necessary to protect 
our forces and to carry out our military responsibilities around the 
Thank you very much.
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