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U.S. Department of State
96/05/07 Remarks with Mexican President Zedillo
Office of the Spokesman

                           US STATE DEPARTMENT 
                         Office of the Spokesman 
                           (Mexico City, Mexico) 
For Immediate Release                                 May 7, 1996 
Text As Prepared For Delivery 
                                 Remarks by
                       Secretary of State Christopher
                         Mexican President Zedillo
President Zedillo, on behalf of my colleagues, thank you for receiving 
us as we conclude this highly productive meeting of the U.S.-Mexico 
Binational Commission.  It is an honor to have you witness the signing 
today of so many important bilateral agreements.  Our success is a 
tribute to your commitment -- and that of President Clinton -- to 
strengthen our partnership to meet new challenges. 
This is the fourth Binational Commission that I have attended as 
Secretary of State.  In this period, I have seen an historic and 
positive transformation of the relationship between the United States 
and Mexico.  We have reached a new understanding of our shared interests 
-- and we have intensified our cooperation to bring concrete benefits to 
millions of our citizens.  
The 11 agreements we are signing today are the product of our work over 
the last year.  They reflect the breadth of our cooperation -- and our 
determination to work together in areas as diverse and vital areas. Let 
me highlight two of the most important agreements in particular. 
The Border XXI initiative will bring together local officials and 
private citizens from both countries to protect the environment, 
conserve natural resources and protect health along the border.  It will 
strengthen our ability to solve local problems locally and shape long-
term strategies to prevent pollution. 
The agreement to encourage full consular protection for our nationals in 
both countries will help protect civil rights of both Mexican and U.S. 
citizens.  We will continue to work together on the difficult issues of 
migration to ensure that both countries' laws are enforced and borders 
are protected. 
We are intensifying our efforts to solve common problems such as drug 
trafficking and crime.  At the same time, we are moving forward to seize 
the new opportunities that our common destiny presents. 
Thanks to the leadership of President Clinton and President Zedillo, we 
are building a relationship for the twenty-first century based on mutual 
respect.  Your disciplined policies are putting Mexico back on to the 
path of long-term economic growth.   
Bold political reforms are building stronger, more vibrant democratic 
institutions and making Mexico a more open society.  The courage of the 
Mexican people in carrying out these changes has earned the respect of 
the United States and the world. 
President Zedillo, President Clinton has asked me to deliver to you this 
letter expressing his hopes for our new era of cooperation  --  and to 
extend his warmest personal regards.  My colleagues and I join him in 
saluting you for the role you have played in building the strongest, 
most equal partnership the United States and Mexico have ever enjoyed.   
Thank you very much. 
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