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U.S. Department of State
96/05/07 Remarks at US-Mexico Binational Commission Closing Session
Office of the Spokesman

                           US STATE DEPARTMENT 
                         Office of the Spokesman 
                          (Mexico City, Mexico) 
For Immediate Release                                  May 7, 1996 
Text As Prepared For Delivery 
               Remarks by Secretary of State Christopher
                                to the
                    Closing Plenary Session of the
                   US-Mexico Binational Commission. 
Let me begin by thanking everyone who has participated in our sessions, 
and especially Secretary Gurria and his colleagues for helping to make 
this Binational Commission meeting such a success. 
This is the fourth Binational that I have attended as Secretary of 
State-- and I believe the most successful yet.  The record number of 
U.S. Cabinet members who have come with me to Mexico City reflects the 
very high priority that the United States attaches to our bilateral 
relationship.  The 11 agreements that we have concluded will reinforce 
the already strong cooperation that our two nations have developed over 
the past several years.   
The range of these agreements is extraordinary.  They demonstrate our 
determination to advance the interests we share along and beyond our 
2,000 mile border.  And they will deliver concrete benefits to millions 
of our citizens. 
Both here and in my bilateral discussions with Secretary Gurria, we 
reaffirmed our commitment to fully implement NAFTA and to expand trade.  
We will intensify the critical fight against crime, drug trafficking and 
money laundering.  And we will work toward an even broader partnership 
as we enter the next century -- on behalf of peace, democracy and growth 
in this hemisphere and around the world.    
Our work over the last two days points us forward to a productive new 
era of understanding and cooperation -- to resolve immediate challenges 
and to build a better future for both our peoples.  We can be proud of 
our work here.  
Thank you very much.  
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