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U.S. Department of State
96/02/04 Remarks with President Milosevic after meeting
Office of the Spokesman

                      U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 
                      Office of the Spokesman 
For Immediate Release                               February 4, 1996 
                             REMARKS BY  
                       The Presidential Palace 
PRESIDENT MILOSEVIC:  I am very pleased to have this opportunity to 
greet Secretary Christopher here in Belgrade and it is very important 
that after five years it is the first visit of United States Secretary 
of State which is a very symbolic sign of changing relations between the 
two countries.  We have had very frank and open talks and we have 
exchanged views on all major questions - our situation in the region and 
our bilateral relations.  We were in general discussing two major 
topics.  One is accomplishment and fulfillment of Dayton Agreement as a 
whole and we are both optimistic in terms of success of the agreement.  
The other issue is the issue of our bilateral relations which we 
consider improving step by step and we are positive optimists.  I am 
pleased that we had this visit.  I want to welcome once again Secretary 
Christopher and all of his associates. 
SECRETARY CHRISTOPHER:  Thank you, Mr. President.  I am very pleased to 
be here.  The principal purpose of my trip is to ensure compliance with 
the Dayton Agreements and forward implementation of those Agreements.  
We discussed primarily that matter over the last two hours.  I am 
pleased to have received from the President further assurances of the 
determination to comply with those Agreements.  I leave here in 
expectations of continued compliance and as the President said, I look 
forward to step by step improvement in the relationship between Serbia 
and the United States.  Thank you very much. 
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