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U.S. Department of State
96/02/03 Statement on Death of US Serviceman in Bosnia
Office of the Spokesman

                          U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 
                          Office of the Spokesman 
                             (Zagreb, Croatia) 
For Immediate Release                                February 3, 1996 
                                 STATEMENT BY 
                       ON THE DEATH OF A U.S. SERVICEMAN 
                                  IN BOSNIA 
I was deeply saddened this evening to learn of the death of an American 
soldier near Tuzla.  The news is all the more painful because I was in 
Tuzla this morning to express America's gratitude and admiration for the 
mission our troops are performing. 
I talked with many of our soldiers at the airbase in Tuzla.  They are 
confident; they know how important their mission is; and they are 
determined to succeed.  The tragic death of one of these fine men hits 
home especially hard on a day when the faces and voices of our men and 
women in Bosnia -- and the transformation they have achieved in this 
country -- rest so vividly in my mind. 

We must honor their effort and their sacrifice by doing all that we can 
to fulfill the promise of peace in this troubled land. 
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