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                         U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 
                          Office of the Spokesman 
For Immediate Release                                  May 16, 1995 
                       REMARKS AT THE CLOSING PLENARY 
                       SECRETARY OF FOREIGN RELATIONS, 
                         JOSE ANGEL GURRIA TREVINO 
                             Washington, D.C. 
                               May 16, 1995 
FOREIGN SECRETARY GURRIA:  (Through interpreter)  Thank you very much, 
Mr. Secretary.  We have concluded an intensive and productive Binational 
Meeting.  The political dialogue has been lofty.  The levels of 
cooperation have been unprecedented, and we have created a new 
understanding between our two countries. 
As you were able to see, we have been dealing with hundreds of subjects 
-- hundreds of subjects that are alive and vibrant and are of major 
importance.  Where we have created institutions to handle these 
subjects, and where we have been able to detect whatever failings may 
exist, we are correcting those failings. 
We value the rich and broad agenda of this 12th Binational Commission 
meeting.  It has been a splendid opportunity to evaluate how much has 
been done over the past few months and how much has been done in recent 
Likewise, our work here today will serve as a basis for the meeting of 
our two Presidents who have agreed to get together next October 10 in 
this city. 
We came to Washington with the intention of renewing the mechanisms for 
dialogue and the result has been extremely satisfying.  The reports we 
have just heard on each one of these no longer 13 but 14 working groups 
that we have now -- thanks to Energy -- are a reflection of the wealth 
and breadth of our bilateral agenda and of the new spirit of cooperation 
of this new understanding prevalent in our relationship. 
There is still much to be done, but we do have this wonderful 
instrument, this Binational Commission, to solve our differences and to 
push forward.  We are motivated by this new understanding of respect and 
friendship.  We are through our geography neighbors and by our political 
will we are partners and friends. 
I wish to express on behalf of the Mexican delegation our gratitude for 
the hospitality and warm welcome of the U.S. Government, as well as the 
excellent organization of the work which has been carried out. 
We would like to especially thank all of you and especially President 
Clinton for the very cordial meeting that we had with him, as well as 
the time he devoted to us and the friendliness and affection with which 
he received us. 
We would like to share with you the message of President Clinton which 
was to continue to work with Mexico in all the subjects of the bilateral 
agenda.  It was truly a major and a motivating meeting. 
We leave satisfied with our achievements and what we have built today:  
Respect for work, a spirit of cooperation, and, as I said, this new 
understanding which will allow us to better deal with the challenges of 
Thank you. 
SECRETARY CHRISTOPHER:  Mr. Secretary, and Ministers, ladies and 
I would like to begin by thanking you all for joining this meeting and 
all the people in the room for their participation in this very 
important 12th Annual Meeting of the Binational Commission. 
The level of our participation here, the breadth of the work we've done, 
the agreements we have signed, I think reflect a very vital bilateral 
relationship, one that is consistent with and is a reflection of our two 
nations and of the closeness of their cooperation. 
I'm very grateful to my Cabinet colleagues and sub-Cabinet colleagues 
for attending today, and having an opportunity to meet their Mexican 
counterparts.  To the Ministers from Mexico, I'm particularly grateful 
to many of you who have come here for the first time in your role as 
Ministers in the Zedillo Administration.  I think our work together 
today is exemplary. 
We'll each, of course, continue in our areas of particular 
responsibility, and we look forward to the meeting on October 10th 
between our two Presidents to build on the already strong relationship 
that we have between our two nations. 
I want to commend everyone here for the dedication that they've had in 
making the meeting a success.  As the Foreign Secretary said, we go 
forward from this meeting with a renewed commitment, a renewed 
understanding of the importance of the relationship and a sense that we 
have a genuine partnership which, as we work at it, can be an example 
for the rest of the world. 
So I thank you all.  I wish you all well, and I look forward to seeing 
many of you, I'm sure, in October and at the next Binational Meeting 
next year.  Thank you all, and the meeting is now adjourned. 
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