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93/09/14 Remarks at Israeli-Jordanian Signing Ceremony
Office of the Spokesman

                            REMARKS BY

                      Thomas Jefferson Room
                       Department of State
                        September 14, 1993

SECRETARY CHRISTOPHER:  This is really an extraordinary week for the 
Middle East peace process.  Yesterday we witnessed the historic signing 
of the Israeli-Palestinian Declaration of Principles, an event that 
really has forever altered the contours and chemistry of the entire 

As President Clinton said yesterday when he spoke of the children of the 
Middle East, "Now we can give them a chance to know a season of peace."

Yesterday I expressed the hope that we could see progress toward a 
comprehensive peace settlement between Israel and all of her Arab 
neighbors.  Today we take a very important step toward that very 
comprehensive peace with the initialing of the Israeli-Jordanian 
substantive agenda.

I have here with me today Mr. Viktor Posuvaluk, Director of the African 
and Middle Eastern Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.  I am 
very pleased that you are here with me today, Viktor.

Together we are delighted to introduce the heads of the Jordanian and 
Israeli negotiating teams:  Ambassador Tarawneh of Jordan, right here on 
my right; Mr. Elie Rubenstein and his Deputy, Mr. Eitan Bentsur, right 
here on my left.

I don't think that anyone who has been working on these negotiations 
would regard it amiss for me to pay special tribute to Elie Rubenstein, 
who has been devoting his life to the problem of the peace between 
Israel and its Arab neighbors ever since before Camp David and is one of 
the leading experts on this subject.  We are all in awe of his tireless 
work on this track as well as on the other tracks.

I offer my congratulations to each and every member of these 
delegations.  You have created a substantive framework to negotiate; and 
we hope to resolve vital issues between Israel and Jordan, issues such 
as security, territory, refugees and displaced persons, natural 
resources and economic cooperation.  This framework is a sign post for 
the progress that we hope and expect will soon come.

I want to say again, as I said yesterday, that the United States will 
spare no effort in seeking peace throughout the Middle East.  We remain 
a full partner in the search for peace.  We will do all we can to 
facilitate these negotiations, just as the negotiations on the other 

We will be working with these parties, as well as [with] the Israeli-
Syrian parties and the Israeli-Lebanese parties.  We believe today's 
agenda which has been finalized will give a strong impetus, a strong 
momentum, to the other negotiations as well as to this negotiation 

We all share the objective of a just, comprehensive, and lasting peace 
for the Middle East.  This week, with yesterday's action and now today's 
action, we have set a new direction toward a better future for the 
region.  Today's signing moves us a long step down the road toward 
peace.  And news this morning of Prime Minister Rabin's visit to Morocco 
is just another sign of the momentum that is building all throughout the 
Middle East on this peace process.  It will be a difficult road, but we 
are taking important steps day by day.  And it's a great pleasure for me 
to join these very important events.


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