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U.S. Department of State
93/07/15 Statement on the Report of the El Salvador Panel
Office of the Spokesman


July 15, 1993

This morning I received the Report of the Panel on El Salvador which I 
appointed on March 24. I want to express my gratitude for the thorough 
and conscientious efforts of the Panel composed of two of our most 
distinguished retired career Ambassadors -- George S. Vest and Richard 
W. Murphy; and Professor I.M. (Mac) Destler of the University of 
Maryland, who served as the Panel's Academic Advisor.

The Report, issued today, is the result of a three-month comprehensive 
assessment of how the Department of State and the Foreign Service 
handled human rights issues involving El Salvador from 1980 to 1991.  As 
I directed, the Panel examined the State Department's professional 
performance and makes recommendations on how the Department can better 
handle human rights issues in a manner consistent with our nation's 
values and the Department's highest professional standards.  As 
directed, the Report is not a review of the wisdom of previous 
Administrations' Central American policy, and it is limited to the 
activities of the State Department and the Foreign Service.

I am carefully reviewing the Report and its recommendations.  One of the 
Report's key recommendations is that the vast bulk of the record on 
human rights in El Salvador be declassified to the maximum degree 
possible as soon as possible.  I have ordered that this process, already 
begun at my previous instruction, be accelerated and completed on an 
expedited basis.  I will be acting on the Panel's other recommendations 


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