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U.S. Department of State
93/05/14 Statement at CARE's 47th anniversary
Office of the Spokesman

Statement by
Secretary of State Warren Christopher
CARE 47th anniversary humanitarian awards luncheon

Washington, DC
May 14, 1993

CARE's Work Saluted

I am most pleased to have this opportunity to pay tribute to CARE and to 
honor two individuals for their extraordinary work.  For nearly half a 
century, CARE has stood as a shining example of compassion and hope.

At a time when our attention is riveted on international atrocities, we 
need to remember the men and women who devote their lives to 
international healing.

At a time when hunger and starvation steal the future from millions of 
children around the world, we need to remember those who reach out to 
feed the hungry.

At a time when so many people in developing nations are trapped in a 
cycle of deprivation and fear, we need to remember those who are helping 
to lift people's lives by providing the means and skills for economic 

So it is very fitting today for us to remember and honor an organization 
that President Lincoln called "the better angels of our nature."

I want to salute this magnificent organization, and all of the people 
who work for CARE, and all of the individuals and corporate donors who 
have given so generously to CARE.  Armed with this support, CARE 
performs daily miracles in dozens of countries around the globe.  From 
the Andes to Asia, from Southern Africa to the former Soviet Union, CARE 
is a making a profound difference for people in need.

CARE lighted the way for one of the proudest moments in American foreign 
policy--a military mobilization for a mission of mercy, saving the 
people of Somalia.

Over the last year, as so many Somalis succumbed to starvation, CARE 
helped to bring this tragedy to world attention as it brought relief to 
the Somali people.  By last fall, about 1.3 million Somalis--roughly 
one-fourth of the population--were receiving emergency care from CARE.  
A vital aspect of CARE's role was the work of CARE's President, Phil 
Johnston, who served for 6 months as the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian 
Assistance in Somalia.  I can tell you from the reports that I received 
that Phil did a magnificent job, but that won't surprise any of you who 
have worked with him and know his work.  To Philip Johnston and to all 
the other men and women working for CARE in Somalia, let me congratulate 
you on behalf of the Administration for all that you have accomplished.

In so many other places, as in Somalia, CARE's good works are motivated 
by love--and made possible by good logistics.  CARE is justly proud of 
its capacity to deliver food and services, to turn good intentions into 
lasting results.

Our Administration is completing an extensive review of the programs run 
by our Agency for International Development.  We have not yet determined 
our final recommendations for USAID, but I can tell you that two 
important components of our development policy will mirror the strengths 
of CARE:  first, an effective, reliable means of delivering services 
and, second, a sustained commitment to empowering people and giving them 
the tools and training they need to move from dependence to 

Looking at what CARE has accomplished, I am reminded of the way 
President Kennedy closed his inaugural address--some lines I think that 
aren't often enough remembered.  Here is what President Kennedy said at 
the end of his inaugural address:

With a good conscience as our only sure reward, with history as the 
final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, 
asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God's 
work must truly be our own.

Performing that work, the people of CARE have elevated all of us, and I 
am pleased and very, very grateful to have had this opportunity to 
participate in this event honoring CARE and its two honorees this year.  
Thank you.  (###)

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