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U.S. Department of State
93/05/06 Statement on Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Office of the Spokesman

State by
Secretary of State Warren Christopher

Brussels, Belgium
May 6, 1993.

Reaction to Bosnian Referendum 

Secretary Christopher:  The decision of the so-called parliament last 
night really makes a mockery of the signatures in Athens.  It's a grave 
disservice to all the people of Bosnia.  It makes all the more urgent my 
consultations, which I intend to continue.  I think there will be a new 
focus on those consultations today.

With respect to the proposed referendum, I would not be inclined to 
invest it with any legitimacy.  It looks to me like another cynical ploy 
to accomplish delay while they are rolling up additional territory in 
Bosnia.  I find the conduct really very unusual, and I must say that I'm 
going to remain on the track that I started on at President Clinton's 
direction last Saturday, consulting with our allies about new, stronger, 
tougher measures.

I've had a good conversation with the Secretary General about these 
matters this morning.  I must say he shares my view of the seriousness 
of the overnight developments, but he certainly is able to speak for 
himself.  I thank him for his hospitality and friendship, as always.  
Mr. Secretary General?

Secretary General Woerner:  Thank you, Mr. Secretary of State.  We had a 
very in-depth discussion, exchange of views on the situation, which is 
considered to be very serious, and on possible options.

Our member nations will have to consult here in NATO about further 
steps.  Of course, we will stay in close contact with the United 
Nations, and I hope the international community will now consider 
additional measures to come to a solution which stops this terrible war 
in former Yugoslavia.  And, as the Secretary of State, I am very 
disappointed by the vote, and I think it is a blow--a severe blow--to 
the efforts to reach a peaceful settlement.  We have to continue our 
efforts.  Thank you very much.

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