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U.S. Department of State
93/04/17 Statement on Status of Negotiations In Haiti
Office of the Spokesman

Statement by 
Secretary of State Warren Christopher
Washington, DC
April 17, 1993.

I met today with UN/OAS [Organization of American States] Special Envoy 
Dante Caputo on the current status of negotiations in Haiti. While there 
have been positive signs of willingness to engage in serious 
negotiations, Mr. Caputo's talks last week with the Haitian high command 
were disappointing.  The rejection of the proposal is a matter of 
serious concern to the United States.

We had been assured up to this point that the military leadership in 
Haiti understood the importance to their institution and to the people 
of Haiti of their playing a constructive role in bringing about the 
prompt return of constitutional government and President Aristide.

It is time for the military leadership of Haiti to indicate its firm 
agreement on the key points of a settlement of the political crisis in 
Haiti.  I hope that careful reflection over this weekend in Port-au-
Prince will result in sufficient progress to permit these important 
negotiations to move forward. (###)