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U.S. Department of State
93/04/01 Message to meeting of Nuclear Suppliers Group
Office of the Spokesman

Message from 
Secretary of State Warren Christopher
to the  meeting of the 
Nuclear Suppliers Group in Lucerne, Switzerland

April 1, 1993

The United States welcomes the renewed vigor of the Nuclear Suppliers 
Group (NSG), which reflects the international community's increased 
emphasis on nuclear non-proliferation.  Over the last 2 years, much has 
been accomplished in two important plenary meetings and in several 
working groups.  Progress over this period has reinforced the role of 
the Nuclear Suppliers Group as a fundamental component of the 
international nuclear non-proliferation regime.

I believe that the plenary in Lucerne will continue the outstanding 
spirit of cooperation among suppliers demonstrated by recent activities 
of the group.  I also want to express the deep appreciation of the US 
Government to the Government of Switzerland for hosting this meeting.

The United States has been a strong proponent of requiring full-scope 
IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] safeguards as a condition for 
significant new nuclear supply commitments.  This policy was adopted at 
last year's plenary, and I urge the group now to amend its guidelines to 
incorporate this important provision.  No non-proliferation principle is 
more appropriate for the first change to the Nuclear Suppliers 
Guidelines since they were first published in 1978.

Last year, the NSG also created an important new arrangement to 
harmonize export controls on nuclear-related dual-use commodities.  We 
are honored to chair the dual-use arrangement for the next year.  We are 
also pleased with the progress of the working groups on institutional 
and technical matters and expect their work to strengthen the non-
proliferation efforts of the Group.

The statement issued by last year's plenary appealed to all nuclear 
exporting countries to adhere to the Nuclear Suppliers Guidelines.  I am 
pleased that Argentina has adhered to the guidelines and will attend 
this year's meeting.  Other countries have also shown interest in 
adhering to the guidelines.  We hope that all countries will come to 
share our common non-proliferation objectives.  We are committed to 
working with you in the Nuclear Suppliers Group and elsewhere to achieve 
a world free of the threat of nuclear proliferation.