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U.S. Department of State
93/03/25 Statement at Signing of Bosnian Peace Plan
Office of the Spokesman

Statement by 
Secretary of State Warren Christopher
Washington, DC
March 25, 1993

The signature today by the Government of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the 
Bosnian Croatian delegation of the principal documents of the Bosnian 
peace plan, developed in the process of negotiations conducted by co-
chairmen Vance and Owen, marks a vital step toward a settlement of the 
conflict in Bosnia. 

The US Government welcomes the difficult and courageous decision made by 
the Bosnian Government.  President Izetbegovic has shown commendable 
statesmanship.  We also commend the efforts made by the Bosnian Croatian 
delegation in reaching this conclusion.

We now have an agreement signed by two of the three parties.  It is 
imperative that the Bosnian Serbs reach agreement immediately so that a 
final settlement of this tragic conflict can be achieved.  We call upon 
the Bosnian Serbs to immediately cease their attacks, to lift the siege 
and bombardment of Sarajevo and other cities, and to end their campaign 
of ethnic cleansing.  We believe the entire world community must do its 
utmost to impress upon the Bosnian Serbs and their supporters in 
Belgrade that they must abandon their present policies.

As I stated on February 10 [see Dispatch, Vol. 4, No. 10, p. 81], if 
there is a viable agreement entered into in good faith by the parties, 
the United States is prepared to do its share to help implement and 
enforce such an agreement, working with NATO and under the United 
Nations.  We believe it is of critical importance that this conflict be 
settled on terms which will preserve the independence and territorial 
integrity of Bosnia.  Such a solution would be in keeping with our 
values as a nation and the goal of preventing a wider Balkan war.

Looking to the day when a settlement of this terrible conflict has been 
reached, the entire international community should do its utmost to 
provide economic aid and reconstruction assistance to the Bosnian state.