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U.S. Department of State
93/03/24 News Conference following meeting with Russian ForMin
Office of the Spokesman

Opening statement by
Secretary of State Warren Christopher
at a news conference 
following a meeting with 
Russian Foreign Minister Kozyrev, 

Washington, DC
March 24, 1993

Preparations for US-Russia Summit 

Foreign Minister Kozyrev and I have just completed our pre-summit 
meetings here today.  Foreign Minister Kozyrev had a very good meeting 
with President Clinton, and, as you know, he met with a number of other 
officials, both on Capitol Hill as well as in other government 
departments.  I think our meetings established a very good, productive 
framework for the summit meeting that, of course, will take place on the 
3rd and 4th of April in Vancouver between President Clinton and 
President Yeltsin.

Summit preparations were the principal reason for our getting together, 
and I think we achieved the result we wanted to on that subject. During 
the course of our conversations, we reviewed the current political 
situation in Russia.  The Foreign Minister stressed President Yeltsin's 
determination to break the political impasse there by enabling the 
people to express their will.  The Foreign Minister has given me 
President Yeltsin's assurance that he would do all he could to protect 
basic freedoms and civil liberties as Russia proceeds in this very 
historic transformation.

President Clinton and I assured the Minister of our strong support for 
the economic and political reforms that have been set forth in this 
process by President Yeltsin.  The success of this most historic effort 
in Russia is of great importance to the United States and is a 
reflection of the partnership between the United States and Russia.

In laying the groundwork for the summit and in our discussions over the 
last 36 hours, we discussed ways to broaden and deepen the US-Russian 
partnership.  And we discussed, of course, a number of problems around 
the world:  in the Middle East, where we are cosponsors, and in the 
former Yugoslavia, where there are some grave problems.  It was very 
reassuring to be able to engage with the Foreign Minister on such grave 
problems in the spirit of mutual and common interests. We believe this 
kind of partnership will serve the interests of our two countries as 
well as the world as a whole.

I agree with the Minister that this partnership has unlimited potential 
and [is] one that we are determined to build upon.  I've enjoyed my 
opportunity to deepen my relationship and friendship with the Minister 
and look forward to seeing him in Vancouver.  (###)