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93/02/21 Excerpts of joint Statement with ForMin of Saudi Arabia
Office of the Spokesman

Excerpts from joint statements by 
Secretary of State Warren Christopher 
Saudi Foreign Minister Saud
February 21, 1993
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Secretary Christopher:  I am pleased to be in Saudi Arabia on the eve of 
the holy month of Ramadan, a very special and important time when 
Muslims all over the world reflect on events which occurred not very far 
from here some 1,400 years ago.  I am very much looking forward to my 
meeting with King Fahd and Foreign Minister Saud.  It will be an 
important and very pleasant time for me, I am sure.

The United States has a close and cooperative relationship with Saudi 
Arabia, and my visit here abroad as Secretary of State underscores that 
close relationship.  Our shared commitment was demonstrated most 
recently in our shoulder-to-shoulder defense of peace and security in 
the [Persian] Gulf during our successful Desert Shield and Desert Storm 
operations.  President Clinton's commitment to the security of friends 
in the Gulf, like that of every President since Franklin Roosevelt, is 
firm and constant.

We share with Saudi Arabia a determination to see that Iraq fully 
complies with all the UN Security Council resolutions as well as the 
measures required to monitor and enforce those regulations.  We 
appreciate Saudi Arabia's support for measures undertaken to ensure full 
compliance.  We have no quarrel with the Iraqi people who are long-
suffering under Saddam Hussein's regime.  But no one should doubt our 
resolve in seeing to it that the will of the Security Council and its 
resolutions are carried out.

I also want to convey personally President Clinton's commitment to our 
being a full partner in re-energizing the peace negotiations.  We will 
be asking the Saudis to help us in efforts to establish an early 
resumption of the negotiations and to take other steps to promote peace.

We are gratified by the continuing participation of Saudi Arabia in the 
multilateral peace process and the working groups.  These are very 
important, as they complement the bilateral process.

Thank you very much, Mr. Foreign Minister, for welcoming me, my wife 
Marie, and our delegation.  I am very pleased to be here with old 
friends.  I notice that Ambassador Prince Bandar is here, as well.  We 
look forward to a good discussion, but most of all, I look forward to 
the opportunity to reaffirm old ties and [a] shared commitment.

Foreign Minister Saud:  I would like to welcome the Secretary to our 
country, as an old friend and not only to renew our acquaintance but 
also to continue the fruitful endeavors between our two countries in 
many areas that he touched upon, whether it regards peace in the region 
or the stability of the region.  I hope that the Secretary will himself 
touch the strong relations that bind our two people[s].

We look forward to his discussions.  He will meet this evening with the 
Custodian [of the Two Mosques of Medina and Mecca], and we look forward 
to a very fruitful discussion.  We also appreciate the fact that the 
Secretary has taken his first trip abroad to the region, and this 
indicates to us further commitment of the United States to the pursuit 
of peace in this region.