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93/02/20 Remarks with ForMin of Syria, Damascus
Office of the Spokesman

Joint remarks by 
Secretary of State Warren Christopher 
Foreign Minister Shara
Damascus, Syria
February 20, 1993

Secretary Christopher:  I'm very pleased to be here in this great and 
venerable city of Damascus.  I look very much forward to meeting with 
President Assad and Foreign Minister Shara to discuss the Middle East 
peace process and a number of bilateral and regional issues.  I've come 
here to convey, personally, President Clinton's strong commitment to 
working as a full partner in trying to reactivate the peace process.  
We're in the region to encourage the parties to return to negotiations 
and to ensure that the negotiations produce results.  

The United States remains determined to help the parties to achieve a 
just and lasting solution based upon UN Security Council Resolutions 242 
and 338.  We're quite prepared to do our part as sponsors of these 
bilateral and multilateral negotiations provided that the parties do 
their part.  We look forward to working with the parties to sustain 
their strong commitment to meaningful negotiations so that the progress 
can be made in a very timely manner.  

In recent years, the United States and Syria have worked together to 
advance the peace process and regional security.  We anticipate that 
this cooperation will continue, and we look forward to it.  Syria's 
agreement to attend the Madrid peace conference was essential to 
launching it.  

We're very pleased that Syria joined with us and other nations in 
reversing Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait.  Syria and Israel have 
already engaged substantially on core issues in the peace process, and 
we look forward to their continuing this progress.  

To repeat my ambitions for tomorrow, I look forward to our discussions 
with both President Asad and foreign Minister Shara.   I thank the 
Foreign Minister and his wife for welcoming me and my wife, Marie, and 
our delegation to Syria.

Foreign Minister Shara:  Just a few words to welcome Secretary 
Christopher and Mrs. Christopher in Damascus.  I hope that his visit 
will be a success.  We and the United States and the other parties 
concerned hope to be able to achieve a just and comprehensive peace in 
the region and to remove the obstacles standing in the way.  We hope 
that the discussion tomorrow between Secretary Christopher and His 
Excellency President Assad [will]  prove to be positive and constructive 
and to help in implementing all UN Security Council resolutions.  That 
is, the deportees issue as an obstacle so far.  We hope that all the 
deportees will be able to go back home, and that the parties concerned 
[will] be able to resume the bilateral peace talks as soon as possible.