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U.S. Department of State
93/02/09 Restoring Democracy in Haiti
Office of the Spokesman

Restoring Democracy in Haiti

Statement by
Secretary of State Warren Christopher
Washington, DC.
February 9, 1993

Today, UN and Organization of American States (OAS) Special Envoy Dante 
Caputo announced agreement between all parties on an international 
civilian observer mission for Haiti.

The Clinton Administration is encouraged by this progress.  As the UN 
statement made clear, this is the first step in what must be a 
continuing process to reach a comprehensive political solution to the 
crisis in Haiti.  Still, it is a ray of hope in a country that has known 
little hope for many months.  I applaud the efforts of the UN and OAS 
Special Envoy, Mr. Caputo, and also give credit to all of the Haitian 
parties that made this agreement possible.

It is now crucial that the civilian mission deploy quickly and begin to 
carry out its important mandate throughout Haiti.  We must also move 
forward immediately to begin negotiations on resolving the political 
crisis, provide assistance to strengthen and reform Haitian 
institutions, rebuild Haiti's economy, and restore Haiti's democracy.  
The United States will contribute actively and generously to fulfill 
these important goals.

We believe Haiti must rejoin this hemisphere's democratic community; if 
good will continues on all sides, deployment of the civilian mission can 
be the first step in reaching that vital goal.