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93/02/05 Excerpts from remarks before meeting with Haitian President
Office of the Spokesman

Secretary of State Warren Christoher
Excerpts from remarks 
before a meeting with 
Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Washington, DC.
February 5, 1993 

As you know, 2 years ago this week, President Aristide was inaugurated 
as the first democratically elected President of Haiti, and that's an 
important anniversary.

Tragically, not long after he was elected, he was overthrown by a coup, 
and, in the period since then, the people of Haiti have been through 
great anguish and suffering.  As a result, I thought it was appropriate 
at the present time, on this anniversary, to ask to see [President 
Aristide] to assure him that the Clinton Administration is strongly 
committed to work through the United Nations and the OAS [Organization 
of American States] to restore democracy in Haiti and to see that he 
returns to finish out his mandate and to have a restoration of democracy 
in Haiti.

The time in Haiti has been a very difficult one.  It's frustrating and a 
very tough situation.  But those who hold illegal power there should 
know that they're swimming against the tide of history and that they 
will not prevail.

And so, on this anniversary, we are very pleased to welcome President 
Aristide here to the State Department and to assure him of our strong 
support for the restoration of democracy in Haiti and for his return 
when that is possible.