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9301 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/01/13 Statement at Senate Confirmation Hearing (Washington, DC)
  • 93/01/31 Remarks with Foreign Minister of Latvia

9302 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/02/01 Excerpts from opening statement at news conference at the USUN (New York City)
  • 93/02/05 Excerpts from remarks before meeting with Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide (Washington, DC)
  • 93/02/05 Message to Department Employees and Implementation Directive on Reorganization (Washington, DC)
  • 93/02/09 Restoring Democracy in Haiti (Washington, DC)
  • 93/02/10 Conference on New Steps Toward Conflict Resolution In the Former Yugoslavia (Washington, DC)
  • 93/02/20 Remarks with ForMin of Syria, Damascus (Damascus, Syria)
  • 93/02/20 Opening Statement at News Conference, Jordan (Amman, Jordan)
  • 93/02/21 Excerpts of joint Statement with ForMin of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
  • 93/02/22 Remarks with Israeli ForMin Peres (Jerusalem)
  • 93/02/22 Remarks with Kuwaiti ForMin Sabah (Kuwait City, Kuwait)
  • 93/02/22 Statement at news Conference with Lebanese Pres. & ForMin (Beirut, Lebanon)
  • 93/02/24 News Conference with Israeli Prime Minister (Jerusalem)
  • 93/02/25 Conference with Russian ForMin: US-Russia Summit and Invitations To Middle East Peace Talks Announced (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • 93/02/26 Excerpts from the intervention at the Special Meeting of the North Atlantic Council NATO Headquarters (Brussels, Belgium)

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9303 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/03/10 Testimony on Budget Priorities for Shaping A New Foreign Policy (Washington, DC)
  • 93/03/10 News Conference on Resumption of Middle East Peace Negotiations (Washington, DC)
  • 93/03/22 Address on Securing US Interests While Supporting Russian (Chicago, IL)
  • 93/03/23 Address to American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference (Washington, DC)
  • 93/03/24 News Conference following meeting with Russian ForMin (Washington, DC)
  • 93/03/25 Statement at Signing of Bosnian Peace Plan (Washington, DC)
  • 93/03/26 Statement with Palestinian Leader Husseini (Washington, DC)

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9304 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/04/01 Message to meeting of Nuclear Suppliers Group (Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • 93/04/17 Statement on Status of Negotiations In Haiti (Washington, DC)
  • 93/04/20 Testimony on Assistance to Russia & Foreign Affairs Budget (Washington, DC)
  • 93/04/21 Address at Dean Acheson Stamp Dedication Ceremony (Washington, DC)
  • 93/024/21 Address at Holocaust Museum Dedication (Washington, DC)
  • 93/04/21 News Conference on Middle East Peace Talks To Resume (Washington, DC)
  • 93/04/23 Address to American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (Arlington, Virginia)
  • 93/04/26 Remarks at 4th World Conf. Of National Endowment (Washington, DC)
  • 93/04/27 Remarks at photo-op with heads of Mid-East Delegation (Washington, DC)

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9305 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/05/01 Statement at News Conference re Bosnia-Herzegovina (Washington, DC)
  • 93/05/06 Statement on Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 93/05/11 Testimony to SFRC on START II Treaty Approval Urged (Washington, DC)
  • 93/05/14 Statement at CARE's 47th anniversary (Washington, DC)
  • 93/05/18 Testimony on Foreign Assistance Priorities After the Cold War (Washington, DC)
  • 93/05/21 Speech before 23rd African American Institute Conference (Reston, Virginia)
  • 93/05/22 Opening statement at joint news conference with French Foreign Minister Juppe, UK Foreign Secretary Hurd, Spanish Foreign Minister Solana and Russian Foreign Minister Kozyrev (Washington, DC)
  • 93/05/27 Address at H.H. Humphrey Inst. Of Public Affairs re Russia (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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9306 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/06/03 Statement before Organization of American States (OAS) Foreign Ministers' Meeting on Guatemala (Washington, DC)
  • 93/06/09 Statement at EC Ministerial, Luxembourg Plateau du Kirchberg, Luxembourg
  • 93/06/10 Intervention at the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC)Ministerial Meeting (Athens, Greece)
  • 93/06/11 Statement before the North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC)Ministerial Meeting (Athens, Greece)
  • 93/06/14 Remarks at the World Conference on Human Rights (Vienna, Austria)
  • 93/06/21 Opening Remarks at the U.S. Binational Commission Mtg.(Washington, DC)

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9307 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/07/05 Remarks at the Conference of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY, CA)
  • 93/07/15 Statement on the Report of the El Salvador Panel
  • 93/07/26 Statement at the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference (Singapore)
  • 93/07/27 Address before the American Business Council: Supporting U.S. Business In Asia and Around the World (Singapore)

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9308 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/08/09 Remarks regarding the North Atlantic Council action on Sarajevo
  • 93/08/11 Interview with Roger Mudd, "MacNeil/Lehrer" (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/08/12 Interview on CNN's The World Today/Sarajevo (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/08/31 Remarks following meeting with Amb. Jim Jones (Washington, D.C)

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9309 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/09/02 Interview on NPR with Bob Edwards/Middle East/Somalia (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/09/12 Interview on CBS's Face the Nation/Middle East Peace Agreement (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/09/13 Interview on ABC's Good Morning America/Middle East Peace (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/09/13 Remarks at signing of Israel-Palestinian Declaration (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/09/14 Remarks at Israeli-Jordanian Signing Ceremony (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/09/20 Remarks & Q&A at Columbia Univ. on Peace In Mid-East (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/09/21 Press Conference on Situation in Russia (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/09/23 Testimony on Refugee Admissions (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/09/24 Remarks at NGO Meeting on NAFTA (Washington, D.C)

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9310 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/10/01 Press Conf. with Sec. Bentsen & Russian ForMin on Middle East (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/10/01 Remarks with Belgian ForMin Claes: Conf. to Support Mid-East (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/10/04 Interview on CNN-TV "World Today"
  • 93/10/04 Interview on PBS-TV "MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour"
  • 93/10/13 Interview on NBC-TV "Meet the Press" (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/10/11 Statement on US Response to Events in Haiti
  • 93/10/14 Remarks at Opening of National Foreign Affairs Training Center (ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA)
  • 93/10/20 Remarks & Q&A at Conf. for Senior Business Executives (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/10/23 Speech at Academy for National Economy, Moscow

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9311 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/11/02 Remarks at Los Angeles Foreign Affairs Co. & Town Hall
  • 93/11/04 Testimony before SFRC on Priorities of US Foreign Policy
  • 93/11/05 Testimony before HFAC on NAFTA
  • 93/11/17 Speech at University of Washington
  • 93/11/30 Remarks at CSCE, Italy (ROME, ITALY)

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9312 Secretary of State's Speeches/Testimonies

  • 93/12/02 Excerpts of NAC Intervention, Brussels (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 93/12/16 Interview on PBS-TV "MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour" (Washington, D.C)
  • 93/12/17 Press Remarks with ForMin of Brazil

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