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Office of the Spokesman
Taken Question of February 18, 1994

1. LIBERIA Q. What information do you have on U.S. logistical support for the ECOMOG peacekeeping effort in Liberia?

A.--The U.S. has committed $30.83 million to support the deployment of the additional African peacekeepers needed to implement the July 1993 Liberia peace accord. With the help of U.S. assistance, 1700 troops from Tanzania and Uganda have already deployed in Liberia to augment the 11,000 West African forces now operating there under the command of the Cease-fire Monitoring Group of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOMOG).

--The U.S. is willing to consider providing limited assistance to the original ECOMOG force to enable it to logistically support the new peacekeepers and to carry out the disarmament of combatants, as provided in the peace accord.

--Assistant Secretary Moose discussed this and other issues with Liberian and ECOMOG officials during his February 8-10 visit to Liberia.

Q: What is the U.S. reaction to the February 14 agreement among the Liberian factions?

A:--The U.S. welcomes the February 14 communique in which the three Liberian factions agreed to begin disarmament and to seat the transitional government by March 7. This is a significant step in the implementation of the peace accord and we urge the Liberian parties to resolve remaining political differences quickly so that this timetable can be met and elections can be held, as agreed, on September 7.

--Continued U.S. support for the Liberian peace process will be contingent on concrete progress by the Liberian factions in fulfilling the commitments they made in the July 1993 peace accord and subsequent agreements.(###)

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